2 sesiones informativas sobre el programa Delincuente Entrega Protegida del Estado de NJ

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Fugitive_Surrender foto imgTwo information sessions for November’s Fugitive Safe Surrender program are being held 6:30-8:30pm on Thursday, Oct. 17 in Hackensack and Tuesday, Oct. 22 in Paterson, NJ. Faith workers, community and re-entry advocates, criminal justice students and attorney volunteers will want to attend a session to learn directly from experts handling the program, what it can do for non-violent offender law fugitives. Volunteer needs and opportunities will also be discussed. Law and criminal justice student volunteers will gain valuable insights into the legal system and CE credits will be issued to attorney volunteers.

Fugitive Safe Surrender is not an amnesty program. But, it is a chance for law fugitives to regain control over their lives; clear away outstanding warrants; and become eligible to renew driver’s licenses, apply for social service programs and arrange low dollar payment plans for back child support and court ordered fines. The program is administered by the New Jersey Attorney General, with the support of Bergen, Passaic and Hudson County and their partners, and it will be held November 6-9, 2013 at a Jersey City church.

New Jersey residents with outstanding arrest warrants for non-violent offenses, who are either US citizens or green card holders, can participate in this program and secure the opportunity to stop hiding from the law and get phenomenal help to positively transform their lives. 13,276K people received same-day clearing of arrest warrants when this program last ran in 2008, and this year’s program is expected to follow along similar lines. 99% of those who surrendered in 2008 were released the same day with their societal privileges fully restored and less than 1% of applicants were taken into custody because a history of serious offenses made them ineligible for participation.

Fugitive Safe Surrender NJ ImageThis year, once participants’ warrants have been cleared by volunteer judges who will be approving and filing agreements right on site, participants will meet with staff from social service agencies and the NJ Motor Vehicle Commission. They will have the chance to – right on the spot – renew driver’s licenses and get help filling out applications for LI-HEAP (assistance paying heat bills) and other aid. Volunteer lawyers will help participants prepare the paperwork to enter into probation programs or agreements for paying outstanding child support or court ordered fines. Participants will be given the chance to make small monthly payments they can afford.

The goal of Fugitive Safe Surrender is to relieve several thousand New Jersey residents from the stress and challenges of living in legal limbo due to outstanding arrest warrants by giving them an opportunity to clear away warrants, normalize their lives and increase their employment opportunities. Not only individuals, families and communities will benefit: law enforcement officers and courts will also gain more time to focus on serious criminal offenders once the records of people with minor offenses have been cleared from the system.

Hackensack Fugitive Safe Surrender Information Session
Thursday 17 Oct 2013 | 6:30-8:30pm
Ciarco Learning Center (of Bergen Community College)
355 Main Street – Room 134 – Hackensack, NJ
(Free Parking Behind Building)
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Paterson Fugitive Safe Surrender Information Session
Tuesday 22 Oct 2013 | 6:30-8:30pm
Rogers Conference Center
32 Spruce Street (rear) – 2nd Floor – Paterson, NJ
(Parking at 75 Spruce Street-enter on Grand Street side)
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For more information and to volunteer at the surrender event, contact Margaret Anastos:
973-504-6241 or 6317 or 6441 | AnastosM@dca.lps.state.nj.us

The surrender event itself will take place:
Wed/Mier Nov 6 2013 9am-4pm
Thurs/Jueves Nov 7 2013 9am-4pm
Fri/Vier Nov 8 2013 9am-4pm
Sat/Sáb Nov 9 2013 9am-4pm
At Evangelismos Greek Orthodox Church
661 Montgomery St, Jersey City, New Jersey 07306

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