Pablo Raúl mourns the passing of brother, Dr. Daniel Jara

Dr. Daniel Humberto Jara Passed away on Friday November 30, 2012. His passing has originated a great deal of outpouring of grief and support for his family, however as a head of the family in absent of our Father I would like every one that got to know our beloved Brother not as a public figure who dedicated his entire temporary existent in this world of ours; but rather on the Human quality of this extraordinary human being and a genuine role model not only for the fortunate young men and women members of his family; but to the future generation now and yet to come.

Daniel since he was a little boy showed a great deal of imagination well above from other children of his generation, in his early teens when he was struck with the devastating illness, he quietly without raising any complaints, he adamant refuse to give up and more considered himself as incapacitated young man. He constantly participated playing soccer (futbol) riding bikes going to schools excursion like any of his friends and young man of his generation, what he was lacking in physical abilities God compensate him with the gift of an intelligence well superior and above the average, which allowed him to fulfill all he envisioned to do, what was well evidence in his achievements on his daily life.

Myself and all the family we would like that everyone who knew him and the generations to come to remember him as the extraordinary human being that he has being, a man who refused to give up, a man who refuse to be label himself as incapacitated, but rather a person with daily challenges, he was modestly label himself in that particular way, because Daniel has never expressed that his physical pain were present every second of his life, this extraordinary man overcome every second the challenges that he confronted and in doing that he has had a grueling working schedule from 7.30 am. To 11.00 pm 7 days a week doing what he loved the most to served to the community he always loved, and in the days a minuscule members of his organization turned his back on him stripping him of the recognition of his accomplishment and his basic contractual benefits which he earned under his undisputed dedication, he never relinquish his love for the community for which he dedicated his life.

We the family will like that rather than grief for his absence, joint us in celebrating his life a life he adored and lived fully every second of it. In our Universe which is very ample we cannot find a person who lived with the intensity and love that Daniel lived it, only for that excluding his professional accomplishments is more than enough to celebrate his life and his future in the eternal life where he will be joining our Father and the other members of our family that has had the privilege of seen the face of God which is the grand award for a person like Daniel who pursuit the well being of their fellow men are entitle.

Finally, on behalf of Danny to encourage every young man to follow in his footstep to contribute to a better world.

With great love see you soon Brother
Pablo Raul Jara